The Key To Success Is Exposure

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While promotional products have been my greatest tool for spreading the word about my blogs, my wife's greatest asset has been the brochures that she placed in local businesses over the course of the past year.

She first got the idea for Brochure Printing when she was in a local fabric store and noticed a few index cards and brochures for custom sewing on their back wall. She knew then that she needed to do something like that to help build her business, and it worked.

Within a week or so she had a basic concept of what she was looking for and set her sights on finding a company that specialized in Cheap Brochure Printing. BY the end of the next week she had the first box of 250 brochures to start handing out.

She placed several at the local fabric stores, and a few in the hobby and craft sections of other stores she would frequent. She received quite a few calls based on those brochures and within a month she made enough money to justify the cost of getting them all printed. All 1000 of them.

Getting the word out by using printing services really worked out for her, and the word of mouth from satisfied customers has kept people coming back ever since.

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