Warren Savage Arrested Again…

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In a sequel to his arrest in mid-August, Warren Savage, former news anchor for WSB-TV, has been arrested on felony cocaine charges.

Legal problems are mounting for former WSB-TV news anchor Warren Savage after his arrest early Wednesday in Forsyth County on felony cocaine charges.

Savage, who worked at WSB for 10 years before abruptly leaving the station in September 2005, was already facing a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge from August in neighboring Gwinnett County.

Karleen Chalker, a sheriff's department spokeswoman, said Savage was arrested outside a business on Craemer Drive in the southern part of Forsyth County as "part of an ongoing narcotics investigation." The business address is near the intersection of Ga. 9 and MacFarland Road.

Savage's arrest is "leading to a lot of things in another investigation," the sheriff said. He refused to elaborate.

Wow, I can hardly wait to see what "a lot of things in another investigation" turn out to be.

Meanwhile, I will sit back and watch the world slowly collapse in on itself.

An update to this story can be found here.

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